Tadalafil Super Active

Tadalafil Super Active is a stronger version of the medication, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The essential difference is in the time it takes for the medication to take affect, and the time for which its effect lasts; quicker and longer. With Cialis Super Active, patients are able to temporarily overcome their ED and experience an erection.
Cialis Super Active is comprised of the essential ingredient called Tadalafil, which is a PDE inhibitor. When absorbed into the bloodstream, it dilates capillaries which in turn allows men to have an erection when they are sexually stimulated.

It is recommended that you first confer with your doctor or pharmacist before buying Cialis Super Active. The daily dose for this medication is one tablet 5 to 7 minutes before having intercourse. There are no restrictions about eating a light or heavy meal before having it, as with Viagra. However, do not mix it with alcohol as that may cause you harm. If you skip a dose, be sure to not take more than one pill in a 24 hour period. Just move on to the next dose, as having more than one tablet can cause serious injury to your health.

Cialis Super Active has a higher dose of Tadalafil of 20 mg, but in addition to this it has certain modifications which enable it to work as quickly as it does as well as making its affect last for a longer time. On the flip side, taking more than the recommended amount can lead you to experience adverse effects, which you would do well to avoid.
With Cialis Super Active, you do not have to stress about eating the medication at a certain time. You can have it earlier than any plans you might have, and it will allow you to be stimulated and experience a natural sexual intercourse.

There are some concerns about Cialis Super Active among patients. Viagra induces an erection which lasts about 4 hours, and Cialis relieves ED for about 36 hours up to a couple of days depending on the user. However, it is important to note that unlike Viagra, the erection does not last the entire length of the time for which Cialis Super Active provides relief. Its effects lasts a longer time and are more natural because with Cialis Super Active you experience an erection when you are stimulated, and not continually after use.

Once all the concerns are laid to rest and the proper dose recommended, the next question that arises is that regarding the buying of this medication. Buying from a store front pharmacy is always an option. However, with their high overhead costs, they are likely to charge you quite a pretty penny for Cialis Super Active. There are cheaper options for buying this medication online, which you can find with a little research. You must secure yourself against sham websites that may offer a ridiculous bargain and a fraudulent protect; check websites that are approved, regulated or licensed by the FDA or its equivalent in your country.